Prayer for the Election of a Pope; Papal Conclave for Electing the Sovereign Roman Pontiff

Added during the Sede Vacante period after the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, this prayer is drawn from the Mass for Election of the Roman Pontiff. Please add it to your daily Rosary or prayers before and throughout the Conclave, that the Holy Ghost may have freedom of inspiration amongst the Cardinal Electors in their choice for a successor to Peter.

Sistine Chapel, where Cardinal Electors Choose a Pope

Prayer For The Election of The Sovereign Pontiff

V. I will raise me up a faithful priest,
    who shall do according to My Heart, and My Soul:
R. And I will build him a faithful house,
    and he shall walk all days before My Anointed.

Let us pray: We most humbly entreat Thee, O Lord, that Thy boundless goodness may grant as bishop to the Most Holy Roman Church one who shall ever be both pleasing to Thee, by his loving zeal in our regard, and, by his beneficent rule, deeply revered by Thy people to the glory of Thy Name. Through our Lord. R. Amen.


V. Suscitábo mihi sacerdótem fidélem,
   qui juxta cor meum et ánimam meam fáciet:
Et aedificábo ei domum fidélem,
   et ambulábit coram Christo cunctis diébus.

Oremus: Súpplici, Dómine, humilitáte depóscimus: ut sacrosáncte Románæ Ecclésiæ concédat Pontíficem illam tua imménsa piétas; qui et pio et nos stúdio semper tibi plácitus, et tuo pópulo pro salúbri regímine sit assídue ad glóriam tui nóminis reveréndus. Per Dóminum nostrum. R. Amen.